Divine Centered Meditations

02. Healing Meditation Series | Mental Healing

January 05, 2022 Dr. Chelsea Season 5 Episode 2
Divine Centered Meditations
02. Healing Meditation Series | Mental Healing
Show Notes

Welcome to our Healing Meditation Series!
I am so excited to share this series with you, as it has been a long time coming.

After 20 years of having the privilege to hear clients' stories of pain--physical, mental, and emotional, The one thing I have become acutely aware of is we all want to experience healing--healing in our minds, bodies, and spirit. However, our healing usually doesn't come as we expect, leaving many of us at a loss. And this is where the Divine meets--in our most vulnerable and broken space, our Creator hears us--but do we listen to Him?
Hopefully, through this series, you to will begin to hear how the Divine wants to heal you.

So find a comfortable position and listen as we begin to explore what it means to heal in our minds---through our thoughts and actions. 

Scripture Readings for this episode include:
Romans 12:2
Mathew 4:17
2 Corinthians 10:5
Psalm 46:10 

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